Pick & Pack Services

Pick, Pack and Delivery so good you wonder why you didn’t outsource before.
pick and pack services

Scalable pick and pack services

efillship’s Pick Pack Fulfillment offers 3rd party pick and pack warehousing services designed for small – medium sized business, online merchants and EBay users.
efillship providing “on demand” warehouse solutions. “On demand” means our service is available to our customers when they need it. From small pick and pack operations to larger operations. 
efillshp’s fulfillment allows users to manage their product distribution and customer delivery without having to invest in warehouse technology or employing specialised labour. efillship manages all this for users so they can benefit from our service, at rates that would normally only be accessible to large multinationals and corporations.
The overall cost of using efillship’s on demand service is much lower than the cost of trying to perform this function in-house.

‘Pick And Pack Services’ and Same Day Dispatch

efillpack is visioned with shaping eCommerce Pick and Pack services for the better. And that means our pick and pack process has to be able to adapt to each merchant’s brand. When a merchant wants to deliver a unique unboxing experience, such as using custom tissue paper, packaging, bundling products, or even inserting notes, we do it with scalability.

That’s where our experienced pick and pack team come into best use.

In the fast-paced world of online retailing, your customers have come to expect that what they order will be delivered accurately and as quickly as possible. That’s why, when it comes to delivering picked and packed products, you should expect nothing less than same day dispatch for orders submitted by 2pm.

Fulfillment and Pick & Pack Services
South East Melbourne Fulfilment Services in Langwarrin



efillship has a range of tiered plans to choose from. These are based on the amount of orders per month.

CASUAL (under 199 orders per month) – $4.95 per order. If you are starting out or have lower sales.
BASIC– 199+ orders per month – $3.30 per order. Everything you need to get started.
NEXT STEP – 499+ orders per month – $2.85 per order. When you are ready to take business to the next level.
PRO – 999+ orders per month – $2.35 per order. For the high volume business.
ENTERPRISE – 1999+ orders per month – CONTACT US – for the best of efillship’s fulfillment services.

(3kg Product Max. weight, 100 cm product max. length, including the first four picks in any order – then $0.20 – $0.38 per pick for the fifth pick and after, shipping additional)